With differentiated design and technology, we seonduha the textile industry.

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Hi, how are you?
Welcome aboard the hwaseon employees

In addition, our company was founded in 1988 with yura.
Right now, it is the leader of the global textile industry across Korea.

Based on the technology accumulated on the basis of accumulated technology and its own know-how,
Reflecting on the manufacture of finished goods, our flame is improving day by day.

Teuki geumsa mit eunsa seomyu ro teukwa doe n jepum eul saengsan ha neun
Our cupola is producing excellent products that can always be accompanied by customers in the global era of global age.

Thank you for always loving our products.

2017.3 Lee hwa sun

Hwasun: 35 Seongseo-ro 67an-gilDalseo-gu, Daegu South Korea / Tel : +82-53-588-3738 / Fax : +82-53-583-3069 Yura: 14-3 Seonwon 2-gil, Seonnam-myeon Seongju, Gyeongsangbuk-do South Korea / Tel : +82-54-932-4288 / Fax : +82-54-932-4289 / E-mail :

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